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What to do when your pipes burst from freezing weather temperatures:

Burst frozen pipe water damage
Burst pipe New Orleans

Dealing with burst pipes due to freezing weather is a time-sensitive situation that requires immediate action. Here's a step-by-step guide on what to do:

  1. Turn Off Water Supply:

  • Locate the main water shut-off valve in your home and turn it off to stop the flow of water. This will help prevent further damage.

  1. Call a Plumber:

  • Contact a licensed plumber to assess and repair the burst pipes. It's essential to address the plumbing issue to prevent additional leaks or damage.

  1. Assess the Damage:

  • Evaluate the extent of water damage in your home. This may include waterlogged carpets, damaged walls, and belongings. Take photos or videos for insurance purposes.

  1. Contact a Water Damage Cleanup Service: Water Removal Pros

  • Call your local water damage cleanup or restoration service, like Water Removal Pros, to address the water damage promptly. Our team of professionals have the expertise and equipment to mitigate the damage, remove water, and prevent mold growth.

  1. Remove Standing Water:

  • If it's safe to do so, use a wet/dry vacuum or mop to remove standing water. Prompt removal of water is crucial to prevent further damage and mold growth.

  1. Ventilate the Area:

  • Increase ventilation in the affected area by opening windows and doors. This helps in drying out the space and reducing humidity.

  1. Remove Damaged Items:

  • Remove and salvage any items that can be saved. Dispose of irreparably damaged items, and prioritize drying out salvageable belongings.

  1. Document the Damage:

  • Document the water damage by taking photos or videos. This documentation will be helpful when dealing with insurance claims.

  1. Contact Your Insurance Company:

  • Notify your insurance company about the incident. Provide them with the necessary documentation and details of the damage for the claims process.

  1. Prevent Future Freezing:

  • Insulate exposed pipes to prevent them from freezing in the future. Keep your home adequately heated during cold weather, especially in areas where pipes are prone to freezing.

Remember, addressing burst pipes promptly can minimize the extent of water damage and reduce the risk of mold growth. Both a licensed plumber and a water damage cleanup service play crucial roles in resolving the issue effectively.

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