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Reminder to do your spring appliance check: 4 Essential Steps To Take When You Discover Water Damage

As we all know, the joys of property management or ownership can come with its head aches as well. No one is ever prepared for when life's necessities decide to malfunction . Water heater bursts in your attic, air conditioning shut off valve malfunctions and water begins to flow, washing machine backups and, toilet decides to over flow on your weekend away ; all very common calls we receive.

With Spring officially here, it's always a good time to do your seasonal check on your major appliances and or call your local appliance experts to do a regular seasonal exam. With the change in seasons and temperatures beginning to rise, your air conditioning system may need to be serviced before it is pushed to its max. Doing a thorough inspection on major appliances and systems in your home will allow you to potentially prevent a major catastrophic event, like a fire or major water damage, in your home.

4 Essential Steps To Take When You Discover Water Damage in Your Home

  1. If possible, CAREFULLY identify the source of the damage. ...

  2. Notify your homeowners' or condo association. ...

  3. Put the insurance carrier on notice. ...

  4. Call WATER REMOVAL PROS at 504-949-6900

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